LGBT candidates, Democrats win big in Virginia Democratic primaries – what does this mean for Trump?

The winds of anti-Trump sentiment sentiment seem to be blowing hard in Virginia as Democratic turnout for the 2017 Gubernatorial primaries appear to have broken previous records. Democrats came out in droves.

Indivisible holds rally in Williamsburg

Local progressive activists shared strategies on how to resist the president's agenda on Presidents Day in Williamsburg.  Peninsula Indivisible, along with the support of Middle Peninsula Progressives, aimed to provide a forum for information and networking to help local people...

Out lesbian hopes to unseat wife of Virginia Family Foundation leader in 2017 Delegate race

It takes a great deal of energy to make the most of a bad situation. In the wake of the election of our current president, and his subsequent Cabinet appointments, many have conceded that the “bad situation” box can now be checked.