Get Involved

As the weather starts to cool down, the race to replace Brenda Pogge here in Virginia's 96th District is heating up.  Thank you so much for expressing interest in helping elect someone who will actively fight for quality and opportunity for our community in the House of Delegates.

Call the campaign office.


Door to door canvassing is the best way to get in touch with voters and remind them that an election is coming up and to get Kelly's message out. 



Yes. Virtual canvassing is possible and with 2017 technology can be highly effective.  If you have anyone on your contact list that lives in our district, you can virtually canvass in less than 10 minutes.


Phone/Text BANKING

We provide scripts a list of numbers to contact, you just need to activate your thumbs.

Email WeVolunteer.KellyforVA@gmailcom

Voter Registration & Absentee Ballot Applications

Help us increase voter participation by directing traffic our home page where voters can register AND request Absentee Ballots right here on our site. For FAQ, directions or to get more involved, Email

Mailing & Office support

Love to lick envelopes? Sorry we use peel and stick. However we need help to prep and send mail on a daily basis.


Attend an event